Paris-Trained Facialist Takes Years Off Your Skin!

1 Master aesthetician & Caruna Spa co-owner, Una Milisavljevic

At my age — let’s just say I’m over 50 — it’s flattering (and I think, odd!) that I’m constantly asked what I do for my skin. Many times, girls under age 30 are the ones asking me. Major compliment, but credit goes to Paris-trained, Brickell area-based skin care specialist, Una Milisavlevich, owner of Una Beauty Spa! The best facials and skin treatments you will ever have! Una’s brilliance lies in determining what your skin requires, what the problems are and how to solve them. Her specialties are facials, anti-aging treatments, customized skin and body care. This Paris-trained aesthetician saved my skin — and my sanity!

*My favorite is the immediately-effective micro-dermabrasion facial, where the top layer of the skin is gently buffed off so it can readily absorb the treatments Una applies. Fine lines disappear and younger, dewy skin is visible after only two or three treatments.

Over six ago, my skin, which thanks to good genetics had been flawless, viciously turned on me! I never broke out as a teen, but I started breaking out frequently and my skin’s surface seemed weird and rough. Nothing I tried on my own helped, plus, my skin was also dry and dull. Try dealing with all of that while going out to cover society parties night after night. Ugh! And makeup made it worse.

Then I found Una. (Insert choir of angels singing…) She cured my breakouts and drastically turned back time. News flash for women and men: every couple of years, especially after age 35-40, have your skin evaluated and adapt/change your skin care. Your skin will get worse with age and problems will appear. But not all facials are the same. Una’s expertise is staggering.

As a teen, the Serbian-born Una studied with and learned from a world-renowned Polish aesthetician. At 18 she moved to Paris to train at Yonka, the “Harvard” of skin care, also attending the Sorbonne studying French and literature. Moving to Munich, Germany, now a Master Aesthetician, she also received intensive training in post-operative care to speed the healing of plastic surgery patients.

Una’s expertise took her to Venezuela in 1997. She worked with two renowned plastic surgeons, Dr. Victor Velasco and Dr. Orlando Rodriguez. Within four years, she opened her own spa in Caracas, where her client list was a who’s who of society, film and television.

But that’s not all. She also specializes in acne treatments because she suffered from it as a teen. Una says that everyone – no matter what their age or skin condition – is a challenge for which she has a solution. She has been in Miami since 2005, treating an elite clientele that includes television and film celebrities, socialites and business power players. Going to Una is a must!

*Call Una directly for an appointment:

Mention me and as my gift to you, you’ll get a VIP advantage 20% off your first facial!

UNA Milisavlevich (786) 444-8644 

She is in the ROBERTO GIORDANO SALON 1061 Brickell Plaza (between South Miami Avenue & Brickell Ave)


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