Makeup Mogul’s “Pretty Powerful” Campaign Helps Girls Worldwide

Bobbi Brown doesn’t just want to make women look good, she also wants to empower girls and young women around the world with her “Pretty Powerful” campaign.

Pretty Powerful is a campaign that focuses on confidence. It started with makeup but evolved into empowering women and girls through education. There is nothing that makes a woman or girl feel more confident than being educated and, therefore, able to care for herself and for her family. Now that is pretty powerful.” ~Bobbi Brown

The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls
Bobbi Brown believes that every woman is powerful and possesses natural beauty.  “It is,” as she says, “about being confident, and about being who you are.”  Bobbi also recognizes that many women and girls do not have the resources and opportunities to truly realize their inner strength and beauty.

After more than a decade of supporting Dress for Success, an international non-profit organization that promotes women’s economic independence through career development and job retention; Jane Addams High School in New York City, which provides low-income girls with the education and job skills to succeed; and Broome Street Academy, a New York City charter high school that prepares students, many of whom are foster children or homeless, for high school graduation and continued education, Bobbi has witnessed firsthand how effective organizations and schools can be in helping women and girls thrive.

Makeup alone cannot even the playing field for women and girls across the world, but Bobbi Brown believes that together, those who create, apply, buy and wear makeup, can. The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls is not only about realizing your own inner beauty and power, it is about giving other women and girls the chance to feel beautiful by excelling in work and life, too.  That is why Bobbi Brown Cosmetics launched The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls on March 8th, 2013, International Women’s Day – to help women of all ages “be who they are” by supporting programs that provide them with the knowledge, skills and experience to overcome the inequities and disadvantages that far too many of them face each day.  The second iteration of the campaign will launch with new charitable partners on March 8th, 2014.

How the Campaign Helps Women and Girls
The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls is committed to ensuring that all women and girls receive the education as well as the life and job skills necessary to thrive as people, students, workers, partners and parents.  The campaign supports the following organizations in the following countries:

The Girl Rising Fund: a 501c3 fund, operated by Tides Foundation, which drives resources to effective girl-empowerment programs in the developing world. Donations to the fund are evenly distributed among seven NGO partners including A New Day Cambodia, Girl Up, Room to Read, CARE, World Vision, Partners in Health and Plan.

Broome Street Academy: a tuition-free public charter high school devoted to providing students the necessary skills and support to graduate high school, while preparing them for a successful future beyond high school. Their admissions policy gives preference to students who are homeless, in foster care, or from low performing schools.

Dress for Success: an international non-profit organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Smart Works: a charity that helps women on low incomes get a job and become financially independent by providing professional attire and training for interviews.

Heartbeat: a charity that cares for the emotional well-being of orphaned and vulnerable young women and girls suffering from the impact of HIV.

Open Closet: an organization that supports job seekers with limited resources by providing access to professional attire, as well as other career development tools.

How You Can Join the Movement
You can help Bobbi Brown give more women and girls the chance to realize their full potential by raising money for The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls by:
•    Purchasing the Pretty Powerful Mascara at Bobbi Brown counters or online. All proceeds will go towards benefitting one of the organizations above, per country.
•    Log on to and make a donation to one of the five international organizations a part of The Pretty Powerful Campaign.
•    Make a product purchase on and make a donation at checkout.

For more information on The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls, please contact Alexis Rodriguez, Executive Director, Global Communications, North America, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics via e-mail at or by calling (646) 613-6525.

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